Ticks are a common problem

There has been a considerable amount of recent research into ticks,  their distribution and how they are able to spread certain diseases. A study of ticks in the south lakes has shown that dogs and cats pick up ticks in nearly all months of the year, including some unexpected times, such as November, January and March. Therefore, we would advise that you consider year round tick protection for your dogs and cats.

Ticks look like mosquitoes, can carry disease in their saliva from one animal to another. These include

  • Lyme disease
  • Babesiosis


Lyme disease which is most common tick-borne pathogen in the UK and Ireland. It spread by the sheep tick, and can affect humans and dogs. Symptoms may include arthritis, fever lack of appetite.  

Babesiosis affects dogs travelling abroad, although dogs in certain parts of Essex have recently been found with the condition too. This raises concerns that this tick-borne disease is becoming more widespread in the UK. It also highlights why it is so important to treat your dogs for ticks whilst abroad and before returning home.

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