How to protect your pet and ensure you’re covered

  • If you are travelling with a dog, try and take it for a long walk before you set of so it doesn’t have any pent up energy
  • Don’t feed your pet two hours before you travel as many suffer from motion sickness.
  • Restrain your animal properly with a harness, crate or guard.  (This is now a legal requirement).
  • Keep the car cool when driving. Cars can get very hot and cats and dogs are already wearing their coats, so use sun blinds or open a window to make sure they don’t get overheated
  • Plan your journey for regular breaks. This will allow your animal to go to the toilet as well as have some fresh air
  • Ensure that your animal has plenty to drink so they don’t become dehydrated
  • Take a supply of their normal food, in case of a breakdown, or if you are travelling a long way
  • Never leave an animal alone in a car, especially on hot days, as this could lead to dehydration