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All dogs must arrive with a fully up to date vaccination certificate. Kennel cough vaccination is also required. This is a separate vaccination, given up the nose, and is not necessarily given routinely.  Please ask your vet if you are unsure or ask us for more information. If you have any queries on these and also on fleaing and worming treatments, please contact us for a chat and some advice.

Dogs have access at all times to their runs we also have larger accommodation for our bigger guests.
They have access to a secure exercise area where we can play and interact with them. Or they can socialise with there friends, or simply just have a sniff and a potter if they are elderly. We have 15 acres of lovely country side where dogs can run off the lead with other dogs and explore in the near by woodlands. Dogs can be walked/exercise on their own if they prefer their own company or stay on their leads if the owner request this.

We provide beds and vet bed this is thoroughly washed at high temperatures after every use. We routinely disinfect our feed and water bowls. We ask that no bedding, bowls or leads etc are left with your dog as we provide all of these. This is for hygiene reasons and prevention of cross contamination.  Toys and enrichment items are provided.

If you would like to discuss your pet’s requirements, please feel free to call and speak to Hilary  who will be happy to talk through things such as re-medication/ diet and other concerns. You are welcome to visit us prior to their stay if required.  (Please make an appointment for this to avoid disappointment during our busy times.)

Kennel cough is a highly contagious infection of the upper respiration tracts of dogs and in fact, unlike its name, can be caught anywhere that dogs meet- out on walks, training classes, dog shows. Dogs of all ages can be affected and signs include a harsh, dry, whooping-type cough. Whilst some dogs recover relatively rapidly, others may cough for weeks and some may get more serious complications such as pneumonia. It takes 72 hours for a dog to develop immunity against the bacterial component on kennel cough following vaccination. However it takes 3 weeks for a dog to develop immunity against the viral component (canine parainfluenxa), therefore it is recommended kennel cough vaccination is given at least 3 weeks before dogs are kennelled. Vaccination should be repeated yearly.

Please be aware of our Kennels Conditions as stated HERE

You may drop off your dogs for day care from 7.30 am and last collection is 6.00 pm.

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1 Dog £25.00
2 Dogs £37.50 (sharing)
3 Dogs £53.50 (sharing)
4 Dogs                                   £63.00 (sharing)5 Dogs                                   £73.00 (sharing)

Multiple dogs by arrangement

A small charge will be added to each day for any medication administration and storage of raw food.  Please ask a member of staff for for details.

Payment to be for full period of booking and is due on arrival. Please also be aware that no pets can be removed from the premises until accounts are settled in full and that outstanding accounts will continue to accrue until fully paid


If you need to cancel a booking please provide more than seven days notice as failure to do so will result in the full price of the booking being charged. This will give us a chance to fill this space in our busier times

Please not over the following days Christmas day, boxing day, new years day and Easter Day, we take care of animals as normal, but do not accept in take or collection on these days. An additional charge of £12 per day for dogs and £7 per day for cats is charged over this period . This is to cover the extra we pay to our very kind staff for working over this period





If you require any grooming, clipping or bathing, please let us know.

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