Please be aware that our cats and dogs are always boarded completely separate from each other. Our canine boarders are housed well away from our feline boarders so that neither one will be bothered by the other.

We have three booking forms, one for cats one for dogs and one for small animals Please use the appropriate form so that we can be sure to make all the necessary arrangements to welcome your pets when they arrive.

Small animal boarding.
We offer indoors boarding for rabbits and guinea pigs and this is heated for our more pampered guests. Outdoors accommodation is available if preferred.
Vaccinations are also required for these pets, and your vets could advise you on this if necessary.

We provide accommodation for your rabbits and guinea pigs with food, water drinking bottles, bedding and hay. You are welcome to bring toys, bedding and food along if you would prefer. Please make sure it is all fully labelled. We are happy for you to ring if you are unsure of any thing. We can help and advise you on any queries.

Please note that we offer a free over night trial for any dog/cat coming into kennels/cattery for their first time. This helps ensure any nervous, shy, very young or elderly dog/cat will enjoy their holiday and also meet us, prior to their longer stay. This can be done by arrangement to suit both parties.

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For Your Information.

From 1st June 2015 by law all dogs travelling in cars must be secured in either a Harness, a Seat Belt or a Cage. Please note that all of these items are available at our on site shop