Socialising Your Puppy From An Early Age

The early experiences a puppy has of people and their surroundings has a huge impact on their behaviour and personality for the rest of their life. When considering a new pet, its really important to make sure the breeder or rescue centre has fully socialised them. Puppies should stay with their mother until at least eight weeks old, to learn good dog manners and correct behaviour. After their first weeks in their new home, puppies should be well socialised and have contact with all ages of people. Our  Puppy Club held at Grassgarth are very helpful for the earlier years of your puppies life. Please call for further details.  


Summer months

Summer is here, most of us and our pets love the warmer weather but it does have its own set of problems for our pets. Here are a few things to watch out for


  • Heat stroke- is an extremely serious problem and can even be fatal. Although all dogs are at risk, the short faced breeds, like staffies, pugs and bulldogs are most vulnerable, and the danger is even greater if they are over weight. Always avoid exercising your pets in the midday heat and make sure they don’t over exert themselves.
  • BBQ- Because everybody loves a good BBQ, dogs often like to pick up the left overs, this can cause tummy upsets but more seriously if anything like bones, kebab sticks and sweetcorn cobs are eaten this can lead to serious blockages, which will result in a trip to the vet.
  • Itching- for sensitive dogs with allergies, the flowers and grasses that thrive in the summer months can cause real problems. Dogs will often break out in nasty skin rashes, especially on the feet, tummy and ears. It is also important to keep up to date with worming and flea treatment.
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