Stress Free Holiday Guide For Cats

The stress-free holiday guide for cats and their owners when coming in to our Cattery


We understand that bringing your cat in to the cattery can be very difficult.

Choosing a cat carrier

  • All cats feel more comfortable in a robust secure carrier- not too big but strong enough to take the weight of your cat.
  • Hard sided plastic carriers which open from the top and front are easy to clean and the removable top allows cat to be placed in and our easily.
  • When travelling, cats should have a carrier each- even if they are usually friends.

Ensure your cat is comfortable with the carrier

most cats usually only see their carrier immediately prior to a visit to the vets or cattery, there fore it will smell and look unfamiliar, hence the reluctance to enter, To help prevent this here are some top tips.

  • The carrier should be seen as part of the home, place it in a room where your cat spends a lot of time and leave it there for as long as possible.
  • Leaving the door open so that your cat can explore, play and sleep.
  • Place some of your own clothing, the cats bedding, cat treats or toys inside.
  • Spaying inside of the carrier the Feliway or pet remedy (a synthetic pheromone spray) may help to make your cat feel more secure. This should be topped up at least 30minuites before the journey.

Getting your cat in the carrier

  • Act slow and calmly
  • Place the carrier against the wall so that it cannot slide away
  • Pick up your cat and carry him/her to the carrier, then try to gently place him/her in.
  • Try placing him/her in backwards i.e bottom first.
  • Try wrapping him/her in a thick towel )the towel can be left in the box if there’s room.
  • Remove the top section of the carrier, cradle the cat in your arms and lower him in before putting the lid down.
  • Avoid becoming frustrated as this will be detected by him/her.  
  • Cover the carrier with a towel so that the cat feels more secure and cannot see other dogs/cats.

The journey

Never travel with a cat loose in the car, if you do not have a suitable  carrier or you discover a problem with your own, please ring us.

Secure the carrier in the foot well behind the front seat or strap the box onto the seat using a seat belt.

Carry the box carefully to minimise the cat from being bashed or sliding around the box. If your cat is sick or soils the carrier please tell us on arrival and we will clean it up quickly to help avoid further stress.

In our reception at the Cattery

Please do not open the carrier door or remove your cat in our reception area, even if your cat is normally relaxed at home. We will take the cat threw to there chalet and get them settled calmly. If you wish to settle the cat in your self, please mention on booking.


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